Poisson Salé Gaspésien

A family history
Three families; Nicolas, Dubé and Méthot, from a small coastal village on the Gaspé Peninsula are owners of this company, which was founded in Grande-Rivière in 1974. The Nicolas family has been processing fish for several generations.

Salted and dried cod is one of the company’s most valued assets. This premium product symbolizes Gaspé’s unique quality and authenticity throughout the world. Poisson Salé Gaspésien Ltd. benefits from an environment that is innovation friendly, while offering an expertise that has been acquired over decades.

Since 2009, management at Poisson Salé Gaspésien Ltd. has taken up the challenge of diversifying operations by engaging in lobster processing, while at the same time maintaining its production of other salted, dried and frozen fish. Three years after the launch of the new frozen lobster line, the company managed to triple sales and expand into the USA, Chinese and European markets.

Products :
Live and frozen lobster (whole cooked and raw) frozen lobster tails (cooked and raw), lobster meat, Greenland and Atlantic halibut, herring, mackerel, cod, smoked herring, dried and salted cod.

Current markets: Canada, USA, Japan, China, Caribbean, France, Italy, Spain
Certifications: QMP, HACCP, C-TPAT (SQF in process).