About Us


Founded in 1983, Gaspe Cured consortium regroups four processing plants, amongst them, some of the oldest companies in Canada. Renowned for pursuing an age old tradition of quality in salt-fish processing, this premium delicacy called “Gaspe Cured Cod” has come to symbolize Gaspe quality and authenticity. Gourmets everywhere appreciate its slightly transparent amber flesh and the delicate flavor with its subtle hint of salt. The dry and windy climate along the Gaspe coast has, for centuries, provided perfect conditions for salting and drying fish outdoors. Today, our processing plants have innovated and developed a full range of frozen, fresh, salted, smoked fish and seafood products. Our team has decades of experience in the seafood Industry and strives to provide “five-star” quality in everything we do.

By working closely with our valued customers to foster an attitude of excellent cooperation, we have participated in the building of a world-wide infrastructure of long-term partners. The success of our business comes from our dedication to a sustainable resource and our commitment to building a positive relationship with customers.

Over our 30 years in business, we are proud of the fact that people associate an image of excellent quality and service with Gaspé Cured. Our primary objective in this regard is to continue to build and support our partner relationships and to constantly invent new ways to improve the level of service we provide. We have accomplished this by maintaining control over all aspects in purchasing raw materials, handling and processing.

Every day, Gaspe fishermen deliver the freshest seafood and fish to our plants, where it is either salted or quick-frozen whole, in fillets, or according to client specifications. Whether for dried/salted, smoked, fresh and frozen products, the Gaspe Cured trademark is your guarantee of quality, freshness and authenticity every time. Our sales offices located in Quebec City and Montreal handle administration and distribution of products from our plants located along the Gaspe Peninsula.

We look forward to doing business with you in the near future!