Italian Style Baked Baccalà

Italian Style Baked Baccalà

4 to 6 servings

• Approximately 500 g (or 1 lb) salted/dried Gaspé Cured cod
• Cold water
• 3 medium onions, sliced
• 4 medium carrots, sliced
• 1 kg (about 2 lb) potatoes, peeled, washed and sliced
• 4 medium tomatoes, sliced
• 2 stalks celery, thinly sliced
• 100 ml (about 1/2 cup) sliced ​​green olives, stuffed
• 50 ml (about 1/4 cup) currants
• 1 handful of fresh parsley
• 30 ml (about 1/8 cup) pine nuts
• 500 ml (2 cups) white wine
• Salt and pepper
• Olive oil to taste

Soak the cod in cold water for at least 24 hours, changing the water every 8 hours.
Dip the cod in cold water, bring to a boil and poach over low heat for cooking.
Remove from water with a slotted spoon, let it cool a bit and strip its bones and skin.
Reserve, cut into pieces.

Prepare all ingredients before you begin.
In a cast iron pan or earthenware oiled with olive oil, place all the ingredients in rows slightly salting and peppering it all, ending with tomatoes or potatoes.
Pour the white wine flush with the top. Pour a dash of olive oil.
Bake one hour in the oven at 175 ° C (350 ° F).
Serve the dish in the middle of the table with an Italian white wine.